Medic! (Part II)

As one of the most aggressive ant colonies, the Matabele ants obtain their meals primarily from termites. This results in the borderline massacre of any target termite mound and, if allowed to continue on their rampage, the death of the termite colony. But this is not a disorderly mob of ants. Instead, it is a highly organized army.

When a scout has identified a target, a raiding party follows after it in a line. Upon arrival, all of the ants gather around the scout before commencing the attack. The moment all of the ants have arrived, the raid begins. Large, fearsome majors tear away at the defenses of the termite mound while the tiny, nimble minors navigate the mud galleries of the termites, killing anything that comes in their way. When there is no more possible gain to be had, the ants regroup at their original location before making a line back home, carrying away plunder and their wounded comrades.

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