Asian Giant Hornet (Part II)

So if the Asian giant hornet is so strong, how has it not wiped out the prey in the entire vicinity? In most cases, this is true. When European honeybees come into a violent encounter with Asian giant hornets, almost most, if not all, the bees are massacred, with all the brood and honey stolen as sustenance. The Japanese honeybee is a completely different story. Although they are not any bigger than their European counterparts, they have adopted a way to keep their nest a secret. When a hornet scout has discovered a nest, the bees lure the hornet into their nest. The moment the hornet enters the nest, she is swarmed by the bees. The honeybees vibrate intensely, elevating the heat in the center of the swarm, essentially killing the hornet using immense temperature. This is a very dangerous procedure, as the bees can only withstand a few degrees more than the hornet can.

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