The Perfect Baby?

When a couple wants kids, there’re a lot of factors to take into account. Firstly, does their family have any history of genetic disorders or a pattern of illnesses? If so, do they want to take the risk of their children having the disease as well? They also need to take into account whether their DNA contains alleles that may be incompatible. Again, the question is whether they want to take the risk.

Of course, there are methods of bypassing all of these factors. There is the method of artificial insemination or even genetic alteration for those who are desperate. But someone is going to find issues with these methods, no matter when or how they are used. In some cases, like if the parents do not happen to have any problems with their genetic capabilities, then maybe artificial insemination or genetic alteration are not necessary. There’s no telling how much further this will develop and what kind of methods people will take in order to get result they want.

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