Construction Insects

Out of the many insects in the world, very few are known for their building skills. Most people acknowledge the building of webs by spiders or the building of hives by bees or wasps. But of all of these creatures, the termite stands at the pinnacle of construction.

Their mounds can go up to 5 meters or 17 feet in height, potentially stretching even further if the colony is large enough. These structures are constructed with soil, mixed with sand and other organic matter. To stick it all together, the termite workers use their saliva and allow the saliva-infused soil harden. Although these mounds may seem just for show, they actually have a purpose. The reason they stand so tall is to create a network of air-exchange between the deeper parts of the nest and the surface, allowing them to dig even further down without needing to worry about a loss of oxygen.

We humans pride ourselves with creating massive structures that tower over anything insects can create. But we forget how we rely heavily on the use of machinery to even construct a house. Termites, on the other hand, do everything with their bare hands. Well, in their case, it’d be their mandibles.

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